Information for those who are curious about kink

Concise Kink Advice eBooks

Visual Guide eBooks

  • Are You Kinky Curious?
  • The question usually is not IF you are kinky, the question really is HOW are you kinky? You may not have decided what you want to get into or what things you like (yet) but if you are reading this, you have definitely decided that you are at least curious about kink.
  • If you are newly discovering kink and BDSM we have created these resources for you.
  • This is our series of books and other content to help further your introduction to BDSM, kink and fetish related activities.
  • Kinky Curious: Concise Kink Advice
  • Our content is designed to be modular so you can use the information in the ways that best suit your individual situation. Each piece of content was created to stand alone but also compliment the others.
  • Concise Kink Advice is a series of short ebooks with each delivering practical information about a specific topic.
  • Scene-Use Rope Elements: Visual Guides
  • There are many ways to approach BDSM and our series of books was made to help. You can choose which topics are of interest to you. You can read and watch in any order or in sequence and build at your own pace.
  • Scene-Use Rope Elements is a series of visual guides for different foundational bondage ties.